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Thread: Confused about the WiiKey and newer games

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    Confused about the WiiKey and newer games

    I have a genuine WiiKey put in by a local guy.

    Lately some of the backups have given a black screen (PunchOut, the 2nd version of that marble game, GH World Tour, etc).

    I brought it to him and had him update the chip. Watched it run off the wiikey site and it passed with flying colors.

    Chip updated.

    I did not update the wii, just the chip.

    After getting home I realized that I was still having problems with some of these games. Had no internet in the kids room so I just followed the directions, installed the HBC, installed BootMii to Boot2, copied the NAND, then installed the 249 (??) CiOS or IOS (not sure the difference there).

    Afterwards I downloaded the SemiBrick Fix and using Wiiscrubber extracted the ISO 30 and System Menu update which got the Wii from 3.0E to 3.2. (I am using an NTSC US based Wii).

    I had hoped that with an updated WiiKey and now an updated system menu the games that previously were not working would now work.

    No dice.

    So while I can use loaders like NeoGamma to run the newer games, it would be nice to just put the backup in the wii and be able to run it like a normal game, at least until I can get USBLoader GX to work so I can just run the games off the HD.

    This is because again this is a Wii in the kids room and they do not read, so they cannot start the game using NeoGamma - they come ask me and I have to go in there each time they want to change the game.

    Is there any way to get the chip to work like it does on the older games on these newer games or is this just the difference between the older chips and the newer ones?

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    Simple solution?
    update your wii to the latest V4.1 firmware over the internet this will run all your new tittles however you will loose the abilitiy to play homebrew etc without re-hacking your console again.

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    i'm in a similar situation. what do you mean by "re-hacking" the wii?

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    So wait, if I have a 3.2U NTSC hardmodded wii, and I update my system menu to 4.1U, it will work and all it would do is uninstall homebrew which I wouldn't need because I have a hardmodded wii?
    I wanna be sure before I do something wrong....

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    well my kids updated there wii to 4.1u and so far it still reads back ups, it shows mt homebrew channel and usb loader channel as well... i havent check to see if the usb loader still works because my kids are playing on it

    Update: the usb loader also still works. they are playing from the hard as i am typing this now
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    I did the update, and new games work for me, and I haven't had a need of homebrew.
    However, sports resort won't work for me yet....
    I have been searching for a solution for some time and haven't found one yet.
    I have 4.1U, with no new IOS's or CIOS's, wiikey 2 (I think), and I managed to play all backups except for this one.
    Anyone here managed to make it work? (be sure that your specs are like mine)

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    I think u need to have the motion sensors also to play wii resort but i might be wrong but i seen on other forums that u cant play it with out the motion sensors that comes with the game

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    Oh yeah, I have 4 M+ at home, that's not the problem.
    It just gives me "disc cannot be read" after I see the warnings when it starts up the game.


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