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    Hi, has anyone ever used this website before ? i've recently ordered a premodded wii from them and was just wondering if anyone has dealt with them before and what the service was like.

    thanks mike

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    I am tempted to order one too but to be honest I am just not sure.

    They say they have been around since 2003, yet the website doesn't appear to have a history beyond May 2007 (see here)

    I also cannot see much on them online, not complaints or praise.

    I'd be interested to see how you get on.

    Paying by UK credit card would give full cover if they are dodgy?

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    Yes but you can't pay by credit card directly, this was my first idea, you can use credit card to upload credit to a moneybookers account and pay that way, ive payed the money using paypal, the money still hasnt been withdrawn from their account, ive email them and they say that they cannot draw my money from the account till the 30th and that is when my console will be shipped, if they was gonna try and rip me off i think they would have been withdrawing the money asap, ive been in email contact with them a few times and they are prompt at replying, i got a email confirmation of my order as soon as i placed the order, so fingers crossed it will all go to plan, i only managed to find 2 pieces of feedback for the site and both where good, although one said the console came with a different plug to what was stated.
    I'll keep you posted and let you know what happens.

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    just had another dig about and found this -

    says the site was set up 2005, the namer of the registrant is the same name my money was sent to through paypal

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    I had an email last night, my Wii was dispatched yesterday, only a day after I paid for it.

    I've been given the tracking number too to trace its journey.

    So far, very good!

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    How did you pay for it graham ? did you use money bookers ? or paypal ?

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    They charged me 1.9% to load up the account with a credit card to send over which is a lot less than the 5.5% he charged for paypal.

    I definitely wanted to pay by credit card for the protection, but having tried to used paypal's protection in the past, I wasn't feeling they were any less risky than using Money Bookers who I had never heard of before I saw them on Premodded Console's site.

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    ok, thats why they can ship yours and not mine then as i payed with paypal, i got to wait till tuesday before they can ship mine, so fingers crossed we both get them soon

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    you guys in the uk?? let us know how you get on, my dad wants one of these for xmas.

    cheers guys
    yep another annoying site :<br>check out how to get a freeiphone.

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    Hey vinny,

    i'm in the uk, i've just had to reorder due to a breakdown with paypal, but they tell me my console is waiting to be shipped so hopefully will get it soon. i think we looking at about 8 days to recieve it

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