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Thread: need help installing dvdx, wads, and getting backups to work

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    need help installing dvdx, wads, and getting backups to work

    first off id like to say thanks because without looking at other questions on this forum i wouldn't have gotten as far as i am. but i cant seem to find any existing answers that help me out so heres my problem:

    i have 3.3u
    installed cios rev 7
    have the hbc installed
    Ive used the hbc to download and play some homebrew games but cant get dvdx to install -when i try it says error -2011 and something about sub tickets

    so i downloaded patchmii core and installed it and it said it installed properly but when i try to install dvdx it says i do not have patchmii installed

    on top of that backup launcher gamma .3 wont load backups. im using sony dvd-r burning at 2x with imgburn but it gives me error loading menu when trynig to load with hooks and when i try to launch game it says no cios installed, but cios says it installed successfully

    and finally when i open up wad manager the only wad that installs is cios all the others give me an error (-2011 i believe)

    so anybody who could help with just one of those problems it would be greatly appriciated

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    2011 is an incredibly common error code and I'm somewhat surprised you had no luck finding a solution to this. I suppose knowing the answer helps when making a statement like that though

    Here's a link that will help you get the Trucha Bug on your system so you can install IOS, wads and other cIOS on your system

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    thanks ill give that a try


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