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Thread: Video cut off at the bottem

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    Video cut off at the bottem

    Well ive played a couple games that the screen is positioned correctly, and then a few games that dont. Ive tried repositioning the screen manually using my hdtvs settings, but the bottem comes out all crazy looking and stuff. and i messed around with the simple options with the wii, for video obviously not helping me whatsoever. What gives? is there anything i can do to remedy this. a patch of some sort? ive looked for threads specific to this but really couldnt find any.

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    first tell alittle about your console. Also give a list of the games that work and the ones that dont work correctly. Also tell me if any are out of region games and what region they are.

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    punch out ntsc worked
    mario super sluggers ntsc worked

    super mario galaxy pal was cut off
    cooking mama 2 pal was cut off

    i see what your talking about. i have one of the first wiis that came out. is there something i can do to play both or something in backuploader settings?

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    I actually have a very good idea what the problem is. First off is your wii softmodded or you install a modchip? If its a softmodded wii, do you use backup launcher gamma or something different, if different, what is it? Theres still some info that ill need. What firmware you are currently using? If you have softmodded wii, do you force NTSC or leave it as pal? If you leave it as pal, obviously your TV can support pal signals since its showing in color but obviously your TV is having problems. To solve this (if you have softmod and also using backup launcher gamma) when you start the channel press 1 to enter configurations. One of the settings can force NTSC. Youll want to force it and then try that game. if the game works, the picture will be fine. If it doesnt work, then youll get a frozen green screen. You can also download and install neogamma backup loader and change the region from disc to wii. That way reguardless of the region of the game, the wii will always force the region as what the wii is, in this case NTSC. Once again this is ONLY if you have the wii softmodded. If you have a modchip installed, then youll need to enter its settings and change things accordinly. Another thing you could do is just download those 2 games in your correct region. Once again, that will all depend on what firmware you have. The games I downloaded are scrubbed but scrubbed games only work on certain firmware versions. Im using 3.2. I will need to know what firmware you are using. So what all I need to know: firmware version, modchip or softmod, if softmod what backup launcher you use.
    Also, PM me instead to make this easier for the both of us. if I have helped you out in the end, press the "thanks" button.


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