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Thread: Easy for U very diffucult for me !!!!!

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    Easy for U very diffucult for me !!!!!

    hi all !
    First of all, i'm italian so sorry for my english !!!
    I surf up in the forum to search, and reading some guide.... but i nedd a simple suggestion.... I have an original WII console (is my kids console !) and cause my wife is japanese i go sometime in japan.... I just come back from Japan 2 days ago and my kid by Wii sport resort (japanese version) and i bought 2 game for me (FishEyesWii and KonamiBaseball 7) . I came back to italy put the game and....noooooooo doesen't read !!!
    I thought that cause the Japanese-DS games works with european-Ds console, was the same fot the WII....

    So what I can do now is:

    1- buy a Japanese Wii console, cause my wife is still in Japan and came back in few days; (but expensive )

    2- tray to let my kids Wii reading original japanese game.

    My WII configuration:

    - frimeware 3.2 E original;
    - no internet connection;
    - no software change;
    - no chip change;

    What i need to let my WII read the ORIGINAL JAPANESE GAME?

    I'm felling frustrating , i read about Region change software, Homechannel brew, Gecko Os stuff, but i don't understand wich software i've to download.

    Thanks a lot to all of You that replay to this post, and sorry if i ask so Newbbie stuff.

    Thanks and Ciao

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    well from what i know is that some backup loaders like gamma .3 you can force PAL to play on your 3.2E since the game is not from your region i dont recoomend you update because it might semi brick your wii, so make sure you have ios 38, 53 55 installed and try running the game in gamma .3 with either force pal50 or forca pal60 hope this helps

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    do i have to put each program( loader,iso 38, 53, 55 ecc) in 1 SD?
    do i have to download all ISO 38,53,55 ecc?
    What to u mean for "update"? (when the game start??? ) i understand that i have to keep the 3.2E firmwire;
    Wich is the 1 step????? wich program i had to put in the WII?


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    and sorry do i need Gecko OS ????


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