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Thread: Noob here

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    Noob here

    Hello I'm pretty much new to wii hacking and i want to play backups on wii. About 6 months ago a softmodded my wii with the twilight hack but after that i was busy alot and it got pushed aside. So now i wanna run backups but i need cIOS 10 or what ever. I have no idea what IOS and cIOS are but when i tried to install cIOS10 it gives me error 2011 and i dont know what to do from there. I tried network installation and WAD installation but neither worked. So im asking someone to just help a complete noob out and point me to a guide or just plain tell me what im doing wrong.

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    go check out dogeggs sticky post (easy way to get cios on any wii)hes awesome


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