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Thread: Pick Axe Pete - Odyssey2 Emulation

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    Pick Axe Pete - Odyssey2 Emulation

    First post here...

    I got the Odyssey emulator working on my Wii, and all games have worked great so far, except for my favorite, Pick Axe Pete. Tried two different versions of the rom, but can't move Pete in either one. He just stands there and dies.

    Anyone know how I can fix this?

    Also, is there a way to get a controller with a joystick (NES classic controller or Gamecube controller) to work with the Odyssey games?

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    You have to play around with the game settings, do you remember that some games on the Odyssey used the right controller and some used the left controller, I think that's what's holding you up. I still have my Odyssey2 and the orginal box it came in, and about 15 games too, and that stupid voice box add on.

    A joystick would make the game easier to play.


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