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Thread: homebrew browser dead

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    homebrew browser dead

    I cant access the homebrew browser anymore, is there a new fixed version out there? I can still play all the snes/nes/etc emulators I downloaded from it but I start it up and it fails to find to connect to the site. Let me know if something changed after the auto 4.1 update last week? Thanks

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    does ur wii have internet 4 sure?

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    Yes, I am running 24/7, I definitely saw my wii lighting up the one night when the 4.1 update was coming through, and I downloaded a bunch of stuff previously from HBB before the update. At least can anybody who received the latest auto update confirm their HBB still works and what version of it they are using so I can compare?

    Could just be a version issue, lmk.


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    I just ran it and i am on 3.2U so i am not sure what is wrong with yours?

    This time i made sure....

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