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Thread: Stand-alone Mplayerwii/Mplayerce channel possible? (no SD)

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    Stand-alone Mplayerwii/Mplayerce channel possible? (no SD)

    Hey guys, new here and new to wii modding iv got everything working properly as far as i can tell. Installed a few emulators directly onto the wii and they work well playing roms off a dvd.. i also downloaded mplayerce and installed dvdx. I can run mplayerce just fine off of my sd card through the homebrew channel, played a few divx movies and a dvd to test, it works great but now what id like to do is just install it to my wii as a channel because im actually borrowing a sd card off a friend right now to do all this, i know theres a mplayerce channel wad. that directs you to the sd card and starts the app that way but i was wondering if its possible to have it or mplayerwii or something similure installed directly onto the wii without the need for the sd card to be inserted for it to run.

    thanks in advance for any help you guys can give


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    No other alternative. Just get an SD card of your own eventually. Mplayer is just a few clicks away anyway when clicking on the HBC. Though those wads are convienant on the system menu there's always a pending chance of them corrupting the system files. Then eventually the “System files are corrupted”error surfaces one day while browsing the menu scrolling through channels after exiting from one of those custom channels. Theres always this risk of a banner brick from using them. I installed one I had previously on a fresh Wii ran it on the system menu, moved it then tested it from the SD menu and got “SFAC” error right before it nearly lauched. Tested it a few more times same result. That was a sign right there I uninstalled it immediately cause it wasn't worth keeping even if the system did posess Bootmii/boot2.

    Anyway sorry for the long war story if you do choose to install custom channels and menu themes install Bootmii preferably installed as boot2 nothing can touch its brick protection in this form & it can't be overwritten by updates etc.
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    For goodness sake. Buy an SD card, they're practically giving away the 2GB ones these days.
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    will be nice to get stand alone wad player without any SD card...


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