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Thread: Wii Sport Resort update brick my wii

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    Wii Sport Resort update brick my wii

    My wii on 4.0U, with original wiikey modchip, preloaders, etc.. It was working fine until I run the update from Sport Resorts and now I get nothing. Not even my preloader screen shows up, is it bricked and useless now? TIA.
    P.S. Preloader use to shows up when I turn on the Wii while holding the reset button.

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    I am afraid that its completely dead, for some reason there have been many reports of wiis being bricked from a disc update from the Conduit and Wii Sports Resort

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    If the game is also NTSC-U, it wont brick your wii. The only way you can brick it is by taking an out of region game and using its update to update your firmware.

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    If only that were true Jason34, if only that were true.

    Sangweb, how did you get your Wii to 4.0 and did you downgrade your system menu at any time i.e. 4.0 to 3.2.
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    Was this Wii Sport Resort a US-NTSC disc or of another region? There was no mention of that in the authors post at all. We need all the facts if we're to help. Right now I concur with Jason34 as to this was my first hunch.

    Preloader is useless if some of the hack settings aren't enabled like the 'Skip disc update check' and 'Region free wii disc'. The update that the disc had dowloaded enough to remove the Preloader and CRASH!!!... The rest is history. I classify this as a careless brick. Don't download from all over the globe if one isn't going to make the appropiate preparations for it.

    All these WSR threads need to be compiled in one big thread their popping up too frequently and seems to be no end to them.
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    Us It's an NTSC version

    I don't play any game that is not in my region to be safe but I guess this wasn't enough. I guess I am crewed.

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    So is there anything that canbe done, i uppdated with sports resort after downgrading from 4.0 and didnt know it would brick and now my wii doesnt work

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