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Thread: wiikey 1.3 update, with 3.1 update

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    wiikey 1.3 update, with 3.1 update

    New guy here, have wiikey, a 3.1 update, and can't seem to get the update off the site working. I saw another post detailing more or less my situation, and apparently there is another version that counteracts this. Any ideas where the links are? Thanks in advance.

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    come in bro :)

    go to Resources :: :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip ,download the wiikey update

    unzip the files,then you will get a 4 files with the filenames:.pal.ntsc.ntscj etc..

    if you have a pal console so you will need the pal iso file.

    now you need to burn the file with nero,but!!!!,the file is not big for a dvd cd so nero will tell you that you cant burn,so now you need to make this steps:

    go to your wiikey update folder and run command line (cmd)

    now put this commands:

    filechop.exe wkupdate.1.9b.your console version (pal)(usa)(etc..).iso 1459978240

    now its will make a new file size on your computer and now you can burn the image file with nero a dvd cd good luck


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