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Thread: wii sports resort not booting with cioscorp

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    wii sports resort not booting with cioscorp

    my wii has cioscorp and preloader 0.29 installed. it has been updated to 4.1u with waninkoko's updater. i also have cios rev 14 installed. whenever i try to boot wii sports resort through the disk channel it just goes to a blank screen. it does this with both the pal and ntsc versions. all other backups from any region work. it will boot with neogama r6. got passed the tutorial video for motion plus and it will play. just wondering if there is a way i can get it to work through the disk channel.

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    I think it's just a CIOSCORP thing cause I get an error with The Conduit. The game loads up in the Disc Channel but when I click start it gives me an "error eject disc" blah.. blah.. blah. Then when I launch it through the NeoGamma it plays fine. I took off the 'Skip disc update check' in the Preloader settings and it doesn't ask even ask for an update either so it's just CIOSCORP. Need another new wad superior to the CIOS60BF.wad to make it more compatible with 4.1 I guess.
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    I'm having the same exact issue! EVERY single game besides this one works, where you able to figure anything out for it?

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    Have you read the Wii sports resort sticky?
    Your answer could be there.....

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