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Thread: Brick, help.

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    Brick, help.

    Is there anyway to un-brick a Wii? I don't know how I messed up, but I did somewhere. At first, when I tried to load up my system menu, it said "System files are corrupted", or something like that. So then I went to the homebrew channel and tried to uninstall the wads that had been installed, but then when I turned off my Wii to reset it, it wouldn't come back on again. The green light shows up, but nothing else does. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I desperately need help. I am very grateful to whomever can help me fix this.

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    Sounds like you uninstalled some important wads.

    What wads did you uninstall?
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    the same thing happended to me
    i uninstalled the wads by mistake can my wii be saved
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