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Thread: drivekey- wii points for free?

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    drivekey- wii points for free?

    is it possible to get wii points for free using my drivekey?

    or really not the wii points, but say download the channels, i want like the n64 zelda game, that would be cool...

    thanx for any help givin.

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    u need to install hbc and wad manager that way u can install them from a wad, u cant get free wiipoints to dl the games! ( as far as i know)

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    well I don't have anything but a usb cord (for like ipods and psp) and my computer and wii, do i need to buy anything.. i have no idea how to install hbc or wad manager.

    i only did a hardmod.

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    Use WAD Manager with custom IOS 249.
    And the wads are here...
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