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Thread: SD card freezes my Wii

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    Thumbs down SD card freezes my Wii

    I have HomeBrew V.0.3.2 when I try to update it says the file or whatever was an unexpected size and cancels... I have Back Launcher 0.3G whatever that one is I would also like to know. LOL I have been getting the Error 002 for several games including Boom Blox Bash Party FF:Christal Chronicles, Tiger 2010, and a few others I forget right now. I did not install these things but I did watch it be done. when I try to go to SD memory on the Wii menu to get into wad manager and see what's there so I can follow the directions on the other thread for the 002 fix my Wii freezes EVERY TIME! so if I can't get in there, what do I do?

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    Thumbs up Solution to chilli SD freeze!

    I'm got the same SD freeze on a 4.1E Wii!

    Flash memory is somewhat volitile and I think my card got corrupted when I transfered two channels over from the Wii to the SD card.

    Solution: Format your card using this tool.

    Do a Full Overwrite and Format, but don't bother with the Size Adjustment Option.

    Hope that's of any help!


    P.S. My SD card was in FAT32 and this utility formats in FAT, ... so I'll see how that goes anyway! Maybe FAT file system is more reliable with the Wii!?
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