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Thread: Animal Crossing City Folk Gecko OS Code Help

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    Animal Crossing City Folk Gecko OS Code Help

    Ok, My friend gave me this code which he said he used to dupe items in his inventory by pressing the c button on the nunchuck.

    206E23C0 00004000
    C0000000 00000009
    3F6090E3 3FC0805D
    8BDE2477 38600000
    606986C0 7FDE49D6
    7F7BF214 A4BBEB22
    B0BB0002 3E20805E

    Anybody know anything about these codes? I added this to my list, and when I went to launch the game with gecko os it would freeze before starting the game. The Gecko OS screen would dissapear, it would go black and stay like that. I took the code off and it worked fine. I removed all my codes and used only that code and it froze, so I know that that code specifically is causing the freeze up. I still want to dupe stuff though, anyone know a code that will allow me to duplicate items that are in my inventory? Idk if my friend gave me the right code, but I saw him dupe like 20 fish so I know that the code is out there but I can not find it after about 3 days of searching. Anyone know it?

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    There is like 2-3 Gecko OS apps on homebrew, make sure your using the Gecko OS that has a stone looking icon that says Gecko OS


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