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Thread: sd root?

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    sd root?

    ok i know i need to write things to the root of the sd card but what does this mean i have a blank sd card is the root just on the card or is it something else sorry i have never done this before

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    Wow...very noobish question but okay...

    The root of the SD card is the are when you first open the card

    When you first double click the card from My Computer, you are at the root. If you go into any folders, you are not at the root.

    Kind of hard to explain...

    If you seriously dont know what the root is you should not be hacking Wiis...

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    i got that one figured out thanks i know alot about pc just wasnt sure about that i thoguht that was the root just wanted to be sure thanks

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    Just think as the root being the 1st page. So if someone tells you to put something in the root of your sd card, you put it in the 1st page of the card. If someone tells you to put something in the root of the apps folder, then youll first open the apps folder and place it in the root of that. Very simple to understand.

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    thanks guys i have a grip on it now i just want sure I got my wii all set took me about 4 hours but i installed homebrew downgraded from 4.0 to 3.2 installed other apps now i just need to buy the wd external hard drive that is compatible with the wii found it for $88 not to bad I would rather do that then burn dvds thanks for thehelp iam sure i will need it again


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