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Thread: Final Fantasy VI WAD NTSC.

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    Final Fantasy VI WAD NTSC.

    I tried this in another section and had over 30 views and no replies so here is my second attempt.

    I made this yesterday but the problem is that it says Donkey Kong 2 Diddy's Kong Quest when I click the channel. When highlighted it says Final Fantasy VI, the icon works great, the background works great and the Terra theme works great as my sound file, but that damn DK2 text...

    If anyone knows how to fix that please let me know.

    Here is the pics and file for anyone who could do it for me, or not. Or for those who take the opportunity to let me know how I am doing so far on a Wad for my favorite game.

    Icon -

    Background -

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    dude i think u should check out 4real

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    I actually figured it out last night. Ended up fixing the banner info issue along with fixing the saved data icon and text displayed when hovering over the saved game file and when viewing the saved game file.

    Only thing my WAD is lacking now is it's own manual.

    I had to unpack the entire WAD and do some Hex editing.


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