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Thread: Ways to prevent being bricked!

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    Ways to prevent being bricked!

    I'm a newbie to the homebrew scene and ive read a lot of posts about wii's being bricked and its quite scary lol. Is there any methods to elminate the threat of being bricked? I currently have a wii on firmwire 3.2E and the only thing i have done is installed homebrew using bannerbomb and i also have wad manager. Much appreciated if you could help me.

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    its very simple 3 rules:
    1...don't mess with programs, once you can do what you want, stop
    2...don't update via disc or system update
    3...don't delete anything, IOS's are there for a reason, they won't hurt anything if they are there, but can brick you if they aren't!

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    You can take all the measures possible to keep it to a minimal but anytime your dealing with modding a wii and using homebrew anything, theres a chance you can brick your wii even if you know what you are doing. You can install preloader, starfall (if you have firmware 3.2) bootmii to backup your nand files. You can brick your wii by using an out or region game update, icon and banner bricks if you install a wad thats not the correct bitrate or file size. If you have those such programs installed though and a brick does occur, youll be able to recover from it. In the end, just make sure you have some kind of backup installed just in case something does happen, and also read before installing anything onto your wii. Most times bricks are caused from someone not reading before they install, either by installing improperly or installing something not made for their firmware.

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    as for number 2, i click on the disc chanel and i need to perform an update for me to play the game. how can i bypass that?

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    Not wanting ti double post bu wanted to ask you something Vash. First off you said not update through disc update which I know is true. But I have read that you sometimes you can update through system update and it wont affect anything other than possibly some homebrew. Is that correct? Also, is there anyway to prevent a system update? For instance if someone goes into the settings and tries to do a system update. I know you can "skip" disc updates by using preloader. just wanted to know if something could be out now or in the future that wouldnt allow a system update.

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    as you are on 3.2 you can use starfall to block disc updates

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    Oppss I forgot that he was on 3.2. Thanks for clearing that up Vash.


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