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Thread: Cant uninstall homebrew channel

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    Unhappy Cant uninstall homebrew channel

    i am going mental,

    i finaly git a GC controller because i kept loosing my wiimote connection after i select to update the homebrew channel. Now i finally can pres 1, but now i only get 3 options. inatall homebrew (can) DVDx (can) and bootmii (can't).
    when i choose HBC on other wiis i could choose to firt unintall and then install. now it would not give me the option to unintall. when i just install i get Ticket -1010004352. when i continous it wil say : unable to mount file system, could not flushlog to sd.
    when i choose exit it will freeze there.

    Some sys info: korean wii converted to 3.2E with cioscorp.

    hope someone can help

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    To uninstall HBC, just erase it like any other channel. Go to Settings, Data Management, Channels, and the click HBC and click erase

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    thanks for the info. Im aware that you can unintalllike that but if it wont install with the update i dont want to risk not being able to reintall after that and ending up with no HBC at all.

    thanks anyway


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