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Thread: Help installing cios Please

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    Help installing cios Please

    Hi Guys

    I have tried to follow this link but to no avail. When i run the cios installer it says installing custom ios,install error (ret = 2011)

    I am running my Wii on firmware 4.0e and have the HBC v0.3.3 Nothing else was requred for me to install the HBC ie i didnt need twilight hack,zelda etc just the hbc.

    I have the hbc working i can use emulators,dvd player,hb browser etc there working fine and i have recently downloaded and burnt a wii game however i have tried to launch it using backup launcher via the hbc and it says no cios i cant get cios to install.
    I have also tried to install cios version 0.3 gamma coder:wiiGator in the past and it has failed.

    I have read thread after thread nothing seems to work please help. Thanks Matt
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    I would suggest you've not completed each stage of the tutorial correctly.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Sorry guys i was being a complete noob and after following the instructions CORRECTLY it installed fine and i can now play backed up wii games thankyou very much guys.Matt

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    u have a wii4.0 that can play DVDs?
    ive been trying to downgrade my wii
    i believe the CIOS thing is my only problem, cuz all the things ive tried rsult in failure, due to ret=2011
    for sum reason this link doesnt work for me
    know of any other websites/links/files that can help??
    i have a wii 4.0U with HBC
    thanx to anyone who took the time to read this

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    Follow the link that i have added above. There is a video link watch that it will show you step by step. Download the file TBR from the link. If you watch the video all will become clear. Reply if you get stuck

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