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Thread: Spped with Neogamma

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    Spped with Neogamma

    I've found a problem with neogamma r6.

    I thinks i've got it at 249 rev10.
    The games are running ok, but when I get to the movies ingame, especially Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It becomes really slow and laggy. Frame rate is very bad.
    So I was wondering if I could add anything to neogamma, or you can direct me to a better backup loader.


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    well i persoanlly like to use gamma loader .3 so far its ran all my games perfectly no lag in game or in movies maybe you can give that a try also it might have something to do with the burn speed of the game i usually burn mine at 2.4 using imgburn

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    Where can I get gamma .3?

    Is it an older ver. of gamma r6?
    Or wats the diff.
    Can you point me to the website of the neogamma downloads?

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    backup launcher gamma is older than neogamma. I use backup launcher gamma for all my games except for 4.... WRS, ghostbusters, my sims racing, and Indiana Jones

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    Oh, but I should get gamma right?


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