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Thread: WHat do i need i don't need help just DIRECTIONS to what i need 4.1 related issue

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    WHat do i need i don't need help just DIRECTIONS to what i need 4.1 related issue


    I just need direction on what files i need

    First off i got a 4.0 softmodded with homebrew

    4.1 patch came out

    since then i cannot play my''REAL COPY OF PUNCHOUT'' without upgrading to 4.1

    also i cannot run a backup of wii resort....

    What do i need
    i tryed installing cios38 rev 13b
    and launch WII RESORT VIA BACKUP LOADER and i have 002 ERROR

    I search the forum but there's so many ''slang words i cannot follow everything im not a wii tech''

    thanks so much!

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    I can't wait to be able to play my legit games once more.... it'S kinda boring

    because of a soft mod im doomed to wait for direction since i don't know yet all the Tech ''words''

    used in all the posts

    Cios , gamma , os gecko?!
    what are what hehe , i will start to read but this 4.1 thing is getting on my nerves
    nintendo sure likes to piss off their hacking customers

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    i dont know how u updated to 4.1 without u knowing but it shouldnt matter i have 4.1u rev12 i miss my preloader, anyways download neo gamma R6 just search the forums for it u know in the search bar on the top ? then get to it with the channel or through hbc now when its all loaded up press B button to reboot now u should be able to play ur originals for back ups like ghoustbusters u gotta turn on the oo2fix and save settings in neo gamma then load game wii sports resort is different u gotta find the player.dol in the iso use wii scrubber then extract and rename RZT(E or J or whatever region u r in).dol and put in the root of ur sd now load up neo gamma and go to settings choose use alt.dol from sd and load game u watch the video then go back to neo gamma and settings turn off alt.dol and oo2fix on load and play confusing shyt ya have fun


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