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Thread: would like to re-format my Wii if i can

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    would like to re-format my Wii if i can

    Hi all!!!
    i hope someone can help me out. Ok this is what i did...
    I did a update from Wii Sports Resort disk ntsc-j after that sports resort (jap) worked and works now ( it does give u an error sometime about can't read disc) then I got boxing game that asked to update ( I did ) THAT WAS ntsc-u, all was ok only after I did internet update to 4.1u I started to have problems with new backups sports resort ntsc-u is the one I have problem with now.. also, I don't think I bricked it because I can go in to setups internet and all parts of setup ...I don't have HBC at all and I don't really know how to do it or what it does.I don't think I care much about it I think if it's possible I would like to reformat WII to original pre sold state and start from there If you can...please let me know how that can be done

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    to COMPLETELY reformat it, you need the homebrew channel. go to the ►RECOMMENDED FAQ's, GUIDES & TUTORIALS ONLY ◄ to learn how to get it.

    after, use cios downgrader and ios downgrader to get to 3.2e/u/j/k and then do the reset to factory settings in the wii settings, and the upgrade over wifi to 4.1.


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