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Thread: Wii Sports Resort US version reboot

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    Us Wii Sports Resort US version reboot

    I'm unsure if I can fix it the same way as the PAL, but I'm running NeoGamma V6 on CIOS38a. I have attempted to boot the game normally with no luck. I have then followed various advice available, leading me to a file called RZTP.dol, which I have attempted to run, but now I assume only works on the PAL version, as I had to rename it to even boot with my version, and all it did was take me to a black screen. Is there a way to get the US version running I simply haven't found? Or can I assume with it being so new a way to get a backup running hasn't been found yet?


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    In the NeoGamma Loader options turn on Alternate dol and Anti 002 Fix but not sure what to do after that

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowSonic2 View Post
    In the NeoGamma Loader options turn on Alternate dol and Anti 002 Fix but not sure what to do after that
    I have done this. The problem seems to be the game wants a file called RZTE.dol, and the only thing I've been able to find is RZTP.dol, which I assume is for the PAL version of the game.

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    If the game wants the RZTE.dol, then extract it from the iso and place it in the neogamma folder, or you can take the RZTP.dol and change it to RZTE.dol.

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    how do I change it to rzte.dol?

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    What version of EVERYTHING is everyone using? I want to know what EXACTLY makes this game work. I am using system menu 4.0U with cIOS rev12. I cant find 13a or b anywhere, I have never seen a more rare file. I really want to get this game working but all I get when I follow everyones instructions is a black screen.

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    If you already tried either the JAP or PAL version and have gotten it to work, youll have the .dol I am talking about in the neogamma folder thats on your sd card. Somply rename it to RZTE.dol and start the game. If you dont have the file, you can either extract it from the iso. Its the movie.dol file thats in the iso itself. Youll need to use wiiscrubber. Load the iso using wiiscrubber. Click on partition 1. Click on system, click on movie file and extract it. Save it to your computer and rename it to RZTE.dol and place it in the neogamma folder on the sd card. You can also download the file on this site. Search for it. Its in one of the threads talking about wii sports resort pal or jap (dont remember which it is). Make sure to rename it.

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    I did this but I get a black screen freeze. Any advice?

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    Did ALL this. Renamed the dol, black screen. Does anyone actually know why the black screen occurs? Maybe if we find the root of the problem, the solution will become clear. Am I using a wrong cIOS version? Is my system menu 4.0U not compatible? SOMETHING has to be causing this. Some people are getting it to work with any issues and I can't seem to understand how that is possible. Also note that I tried the PAL version with all the recommended settings in NeoGamma WITH the alt dol named correctly and still get black screen.

    [EDIT] I got the motion plus video to play by using the alt .dol disc method. I tried this before but didn't know you could select player.dol instead of main.dol. I'm an idiot, haha. Anyhoo, will launch after videos and see if it works without alt dol.
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    where do you put RZTE.dol if you are using USB Loader GX instead of NeoGamma?

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