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    Updated Firmware

    Hi All,

    Currently my firmware is 3.2E and I've recently got a copy of Wii Sports Resort, this is wanting to update the firmware. How would I go about this? Is it a simple matter of updating the firmware then running another software hack etc? Or is there a way to fake the firmware version to make the game think im running something im not?

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    There are no ways to block disc updates, try searching the forum or use google for homebrew apps called Starfall or Preloader 0.29, its your choice choose which one you want to use. I don't think you can use both.

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    Assuming your running a softmod Wii and your using a copy In ISO format before burning - then you can use a program called wiiscrubber to remove the updates.

    If its an original - then you need to copy the disc via the wii to a usb or sd device.

    Golden rule here is to not use originals on a black wii

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    preloader or starfall is where its at if your on 3.2 I had starfall first to block updates then I went with preloader when i installed softmii both work great to block disc updates.


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