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Thread: I'm unable to play my Punch Out backup. What's wrong?

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    I'm unable to play my Punch Out backup. What's wrong?

    I have firmware 3.2. Do I have to upgrade or do something else? Thanks.

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    Maybe you are missing some IOS's such as IOS38, 53,55 and 60.Try getting the wads for them and install them through WAD Manager. IOS38, IOS53 and IOS55 are available in the homebrew downloads section of this forum and the IOS60patched can be found somewhere in the forum as well or you can download the homebrew app called WiiSCU v0.2 from and then install IOS60 with the trucha bug.
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    That's probably exactly what I need. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

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    Sorry, but can you send me a link to where these files are? I'm having a hard time finding them on this forum. Thanks!

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    Nevermind. I just found it.

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    Ok. So I installed IOS38, 53, 55, and 60 through WAD Manager. The game still does not play. Any other suggestions?

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    Interesting I am on 3.2u with softmii and works fine. do you have the latest cios38 rev 13

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    The IOS's that I downloaded and installed were from the first post in this thread.


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