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Thread: Wiikey v2 not reading discs (original or backup) anymore

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    Us Wiikey v2 not reading discs (original or backup) anymore

    I installed my wiikey v2 quite a while ago, but now my wii is not reading any types of discs anymore. It doesn't read originals, backup, and the config discs.

    When I turn my wii on, it does the blue red flashes, and when I insert a disc, it flashes blue red once. But for some reason, it is unable to read any discs.

    When I insert a disc, it spins for like one second and then stops. Could something be wrong with the drive? If I get those flashing lights, does that mean it should work?

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    No it wont be the laser.. have you installed it via solder or did you clip it?
    If you clipped it, then that's where the issue is.. It probably lost connection at one
    of the pins. U gotta get it soldered so u wont have any issues.. ^_^ Now if it is
    already soldered then check the connections..


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