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Thread: Wii loads my discs only sometimes...

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    Wii loads my discs only sometimes...

    I've had the back up loader for a while now and it worked perfectly every time I used it. My friend wanted me to register him on my wii so I turned my wiiconnect24 on over night then turned it off the next morning and ever since then my One Piece Unlimited Adventure (burned on a Dvd-R disc) would stop playing sound or delay it, then when it got to a loading screen it would stop working. I kept trying and trying I even reburnt the game and that didn't help at all. Then I tried Brawl (real nintendo disc) and that didn't work, then Mario Sluggers, Strikers, Animal Crossing, all real discs and nothing worked anymore. I reinstalled all the hacking things on my wii (wad manager, back-up loader, etc) and nothing worked, they all said error reading disc, check the manual... Then I reinstalled downgrader and my Animal Crossing disc started working so I played that for a bit and it was working perfectly fine, then it just froze on me out of nowhere and said it couldn't read the disc then I tried brawl and it wouldn't work either. Sorry it was such a long read but can anyone tell me how to fix this? None of my discs seem to work anymore and it wasn't like this until I turned my wiiconnect24 on. Also when I redownloaded everything it said I needed to update my wii or I coudln't play anymore games, so I did so and that's when I could play Animal Crossing. Could nintendo have done something?
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    I'll take any help, just please help me fix this because it's still not working. Anything that might help

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    did you update ?? or are you still on the same firmware you were on?


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