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Thread: Please Help- DVD time out. [On Some Games]

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    Us Please Help- DVD time out. [On Some Games]

    Hello, I am a first time wii hacker and have a bit of a problem at the moment. I used this tut. , and successfully installed every thing my first time . But any way, this is what happens. I download games from, I dont know if you guys are familiar with this site or not, but I download a wii ntfc game. Open wii scrubber then click partition 2 and extract main.dol to my desktop. I then open Gerneric Wii Patcher, and open the main.dol file, and check it for errors then save the file. After that I open up wii scrubber and replace the main.dol with the modified one Then burn with ImgBurn at x4 speed, and verify.I have so far burned 4 games successfully with this method. But for some reason I burned 2 games the same way [Naruto Clash Of Ninja Revolution, and Pokemon Battle Revolution for my nephew. Using ImgBurn and maxell DVD-R's I burned the games at x4 speed and also verifed after burning was complete. I know they worked because before I did this tut I had a very out dated backup loader. I got to play them 1 time and then when I went to play them again they gave me a dvd read error. So I fallowed the tut listed above. And now those games both get a time out error but the other games all burned the same on the same speed and dvds dont. Any help, suggestions, or comment will be great.

    -Thanks for your time.

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    Well, idk those games just wont work now? All the other ones do. So thanks every one who helped.


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