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Thread: Wiimote acting very skittish

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    Wiimote acting very skittish

    I haven't used my wii in a day or two which then it worked perfect no issues. I load all my games using the latest version of USB Loader GX and the latest Homebrew (whatever the self updaters update it to atleast). This afternoon I turned on my wii, while the remotes are functional they are constantly (both of them) jumping around the screen being very skittish which makes it near impossible to be anywhere near accurate. I haven't changed a thing to it since the last time I used it. How can this happen when nothing has changed since it was working perfectly last time? Is this a common malfunction and is there anyway to fix this?

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    If I were to guess I would hazard that this issue has nothing to do with Homebrew or it's updates... I'd check to make sure there weren't any lights nearby the sensor bar that were interfering (don't forget that windows let the sun in!)

    I'd also (if you can make it through the menus at all..) check the sensitivity under the wii settings and try to get it so that you only see the two dots coming from the sensor bar and nothing else... try adjusting the sensitivity and moving lights/closing blinds on windows until it is all hunky dory.

    sorry if this is a "no it's not that what made you think it could be so simple" answer but I hope it helps. Beyond that, the only things I can think are try fresh batteries for the wiimotes, resyncing the wiimotes with your console, and/or booting the console without the usb drive, gamecube controllers, gamecube memory cards, or any other usb peripherals plugged in.

    Good luck!


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