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Thread: Gonna buy a Wii (a few questions)

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    Smile Gonna buy a Wii (a few questions)

    Hi, im going to buy a wii and i have a few questions, sorry if this in in the wrong section or stupid questions

    I plan on using my Wii to play games, i dont plan on using it for wi-fi games at all, except from Mario Kart (if im doing this, am i best to buy it instead of download it) and im not sure exactly what is the best method for me to downgrade/upgrade my Wii? i need something idiot proof as ive never had a Wii before I may play Gamecube games (that i burn) on it, how exactly would i go about doing this?

    Also, ive heard something about LU64 serials? is this from a new batch of Wii's? what if i happen to get a Wii with this serial?

    I've also heard that i should use DVD-Rs, i currently only have DVD+Rs, should i buy -R's? also, why is this?

    last one, should i "patch" all my games before i burn them? im not too sure what this is, but ive saw a few people say it

    again, sorry if these are silly questions :P
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    Probably would have been better in a General forum, seeing as the only issue you currently have is a lack of an actual Wii.

    1) Most people buy Wiis to play games
    2) Makes no difference retail or backup
    3) Don't, see what you get before you think about changing it.
    4) Gamecube games have their own backup launcher.
    5) LU64 could happen. Not such a big disability anymore.
    6) Get DVD-R, Verbatim for best results. The Wii drive is fussy.
    7) Not necessary to patch all games. Many loaders circumvent updates.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    yes, wii drives give you all sorts of problems, but I have had games that ran on a staples brand DVD-R. Somepeople say it's bad for the wii dvd laser to use low-quality disks.
    I use sony dvd-r's personally and they work fine, but now with a usb loader, disks are becoming obsolete now that you can run games right off the isos.


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