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Thread: #002 Error Fix

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    #002 Error Fix

    what is the fix for the #002 and how do i get to it?
    I would also keep the preloader if it had the option to boot from disk channel, but not sure on the disable updates, will need to check.

    Should I be running all this on 4.1E? I did run the downgrader and im on ois249, but it still remains under settings on wii as 4.1E, is this right.
    Ok so Neogamma has a setting 002 Error fix you need to turn it on i think its under settings or ...well you'll see when you load Neo but before you load the game it give you options you can change.

    Also you running Ios249 but your system menu is 4.1E.(which is fine)

    What game you trying to get running?

    Happy now Tealc?
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    Trying to run wii summer sports resort which was downloaded from a spanish site, bit it is apparently in english.
    Should I be running another IOS?

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    No your IOS is fine, just try the 002 fix first, it should sort out your prob.
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    cool cool, what about the un-able to load menu when re-booting with hooks? do i really need to worry about it?

    and can I get pre-loader to load dvd-r's from disk channel?

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    What!?Hooks?! Surely i should know what you talking about but since I've never had to i don't! Sorry! Maybe some one else can tell you what its all about. Me i got my Wii playing any copy game i got so at the moment i really too busy playing games to fiddle with my setting at the moment.

    So i say don't worry about it you probably don't need it.(anyone want to prove me wrong you welcome to)
    Preloader it easy i used it before i got my usbloader setup.
    Just go in the the options and enable skip disc updates.and you can enable 002 fix too.
    And then save settings and off you go to the disk channel.
    You can also set preloader to load straight to your system menu but do this only once you got everything setup and running.
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    Ok, i will give this a shot tonight, thaks again for all your help!

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    np hope it works.
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    well, set the #002 fix to yes, loaded the game>wii health screen> ubisoft vid> loading> error cant read disk refer to wii manual.

    tried again: wii health screen> ubisoft vid> loading> summer resort menu> start new game> crash again.

    any thoughts? i have two channels.
    1)wii backup launcher channel
    2) Wii backup loader channel.

    could they be conflicting?
    I also couldnt find any #002 fix in preloader. "I have no hacks.ini for my version 450" message on system hacks
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    can anyone help?

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    This wii hacking game sucks, nothing works! Would be as well buying retail.

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