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Thread: How to protect my wii from bricking, or recover from a brick?

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    How to protect my wii from bricking, or recover from a brick?

    Ok, I have system menu 4.0, hbc installed, lu32 wii. I have bootmii installed as boot2, but on startup, I can not access the bootmii menu to backup my nand. I believe that it is an issue with my sd card compatibility. I am using a Lexar 1gb micro sd with adapter. I was wondering if there is anything else that I can install onto my wii to recover it if it bricks up in anyway. I am looking for anything that wiil help me recover from a brick, or be able to reset my system menu after a brick. The only thing that I know about is bootmii which I can not use until i get a new sd card. Any ideas will help. Thanks.

    EDIT** I think that I can install the earlier version of BootMii (Public Beta 1) and it will work with my sd card, but is it compatible with system menu 4.0, or is there a better solution.

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    Are the files that were put on the SD card after the installation still there? Those are needed for its menu and options to load. I remember one time myself I was going through my card making room and I accidentally deleted the files not knowing they were the files it had put on the card and needed to load its menu though it was still installed as boot2. I just went back uninstalled then re-installed it again to get those files back on my SD.

    For brick protection. I use Bootmii/boot2 and Pre-loader v0.29. Those are my preferences. Both are configured to where my system would appear to be normal in every way until I need them. Thought about making a little video demo, but doesn't really matter as long as I know what all it can do.
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