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Thread: Playing roms without homebrew?

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    Playing roms without homebrew?

    I'm using a Drivekey in my Wii. I don't want to install HBC on it this time. The new update (4.0) is really screwy in installing cIOS and has issues with preloader which bricked my last one.

    I downloaded a torrent that was supposed to be what I was looking for already packed with roms, but I guess it is something about 4.0 causing my Wii to freeze up at the region selection. I think its called Multisys and the release.

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    To the extent of my knowledge..... and my research on this forum, regardless of what you do, even chipping your wii, you will not make you able to run Roms without downloading a channel. Sorry.

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    what you could do, install hbc, install channels with the emulators, not the redirecting ones though, the 'full' installation ones, remove hbc channel, and the roms can be read by either sd, usb or dvd-r
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    I suppose you could swap the normal homebrew channel installer boot.dol with the boot.dol for your emulator. Not used Bannerbomb myself so unsure of the validity of this crazy thought. You could keep multiple SD cards, one for each emulator with your roms already on there.

    Would this work?
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    I semi bricked my wii this way too, but now it's running softmodded with 4.1 menu

    Backup discs loading from disc channel,
    Usb Loader GX as channel (games on usb wbfs partition)
    snes, nes, gba, sms and genesis emulators as channels (roms on usb drive, fat partition)
    MPlayer CE as channel (to show movies and tv-shows from usb drive and smb share)
    ScummVM as channel


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