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    Us Something VERY weird

    Hello. I have been having wad issues that I have never had before but its very weird. I have a NES emulator which I had installed a wad but the dol forwarder had the wrong folder name so whenever I got the "newer version found" when playing the emulator, I couldnt actually update it. So I finally downloaded and installed the correct dol forwarder so now thats all good. I then went and changed neogamma R5 to have a dol forwarder but when I go and install that wad, it removes the NES wad. If I go and reinstall the NES wad, neogamma is removed. The only way I can get this to work is by first installing the NES wad and then install neogamma wad WITHOUT a dol forwarder in it. I then had more problems when I went and installed wolfenstein 3d, doom, and quake wads. Wolfenstein would install fine, but when I would install doom and quake, the first wad installed would remove NES wad and then the 2nd install would remove the first install. Its very weird. Anyone have any ideas?

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    There is a conflict between channel numbers that the authors have assigned to their forwarders.

    As far as I have gathered, and this was ages ago I read this. When a channel wad is created it must be assigned a number that the Wii uses to keep track of the channel, if this new channel is the same as an existing channel then it will overwrite it. So potentially we could have your Internet Channel overwritten by something else if the author were careless.
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    Ok I understand that. So what your saying is when I use wadder I need to put in a unique title ID? Because when I inject the dol forwarder, all I do is open the wad inside wadder, then click to change neither the banner or icon. Then I go to options and put in the dol forwarder but leave the unique ID blank. So thats the reason this is happening, because I am leaving the ID blank? Fixing this, I could just start putting in a 4 letter ID?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasons34 View Post
    So thats the reason this is happening, because I am leaving the ID blank? Fixing this, I could just start putting in a 4 letter ID?
    Exactly. I found DogEggs' WADder guide a couple of days ago and followed the example turorial to the letter and it worked a treat. Then I went out and found some forwarder files and created a couple of my own wads from scratch and had no problems.

    I'd post a link to his tutorial but I'm about to go out. Maybe someone else can do it?
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    Yea but did you put in a unique ID or did you leave it blank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasons34 View Post
    Yea but did you put in a unique ID or did you leave it blank?
    Well all channels made in wadder must have an ID, i use wadder v1.2 since it is more simple and easy to build your own wad from scratch. But you must have different ids for the fowarders.

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    Thats what I said in wadders forum yet I got blasted. They said if you leave the ID field blank, that just means it doesnt change. I totally disagree with that. If you have 2 wads, 2 totally different wads, lets say a Quake wad and a doom wad, each having their own dol forwarder, but yet right before you "create" it, you type in the name "all language field" as Doom for the 1 wad and Quake for the 2nd wad BUT you dont fill in anything in the ID field, when they both are created, eventhough they both have different channel titles, they still have the same ID, in this case being blank. You agree or disagree?


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