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Thread: Nano's questions.

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    Us Nano's questions.

    Ok guys, I'm new to this and I really don't know where to go about with this issue. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place too. I'm really confused.

    So I softmodded my Wii recently. Yay me. Unfortunately I did not install BootMii. Reason being this guide told me not to. D: So I have quite a few questions. I didn't want to search cuz I have a lot of questions and it'd be easier to answer them all at once so I don't have different links linking me everywhere. So here are my questions.

    1.) I have a softmodded Wii as you already know. I'd like to know is there a way to completely ERASE all traces of the Softmod and go back to Factory Settings?

    2.) I'd like to know the answer to the first as I'd love to install a modchip instead so I can actually play my games.

    3.) I'm on Firmware 4.0U and I got The Conduit. Fun game. I love it. Now It won't let me play after the recent softmod, it wants me to update and I'm afraid of a brick if I do.

    4.) I also modded a friend's Wii for him and updated it to 4.1U before the Mod. Even at 4.1U it still doesn't let him play it without updating. I don't know why. I also purchased The Conduit legally. It's not a backup.

    5.)Can anyone give me some mod chip recommendations? Maybe some comparisons too if you can please. I'm thinking about Wii Key 2.

    6.) I have some VC games too Is there a way to keep them without having to re-buy them?

    Thanks for all the help. Really appreciate it.

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    1.) yes , if u know what u installed for iso's cios's u can get anytitledeleter and delete them, or just format ur wii ( for the most part it will set it back to the factory settings)
    2.) a soft mod system can do everything a hardmod system can do, i can play all the games i have witht he exceptions of a few pal games,( i have a ntscu softmod 4.0u system)
    3.) ur not gonna brick ur system with a original game if its from the same region!
    4.) what guide did u use to softmod?
    5.) ill leave this for someone that has a chip as i do not! and never plan on gettin one (why pay for a chip when a soft mod will do the same thing)
    6.) i formated my wii once after i had purchased some vc games and idk if it was a glitch or what but i was able to go back in the shop channel and it let me redownload them for free?? either way most vc u can get for free if u have hbc .

    what iso/cios's do u have installed? do u have any backup launchers? if so what ones? it would be really helpful for a link to the guide u used , im guessing all u really need is to install a cios like cios36 rev 10 or cios38 rev 13 to get the conduit to play again!

    if im wrong about any of this plz correct me!

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    The guide I used is here.

    I know that you can redownload things you bought if you deleted them.

    The only loader I downloaded was from that video. And that was the Backup loader thingy. D:

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    For your chip solution...One other member said it the best on another chip thread...
    "DO your research,compare and see what you want the chip to do and what they do the best."
    My Drive key chip I got from,,,,works great and, it came in really quick and they are really quick if you have a problem and need some help.I got the solderless chip to boot.,...I'm no good with soldering, and If you want it installed I'm sure they can take care of that also.

    Thats about I'll I can say .Hopefully this helps out alittle

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    ok.. do a search for neogamma r6 install that, then install cios 38 rev13, and install is as 249 and then u should be able to play ur games!

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    Thanks for the chip info.

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    Your welcome,,,,

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    I found this link with some info on it.

    NeoGamma R6 Autoboot Channel -

    What do I download?

    EDIT: I cannot format. I just realized that Super smash Bros. Brawl data won't copy to an SD card and I really don't want to re-do 100+ hours of work.

    Edit 2: Also, will I be allowed to play my legit games online still?
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    yes u can play games online.. back up and original,

    this is the one i use - free file sharing and storage from ur link,

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    That link is dead.


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