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    A nice remake of a cult classic


    The controls are almost like the boxing game included in Wii Sports but with some differences. For example in Boxing, you move by physically moving your body while in Punch-Out, you use the analog stick on the nun-chuck. If you have ever played a previous Punch-Out title, you will learn the controls in a couple of minutes. They are responsive around 90% of the time and don't require much physical movement.


    The gameplay is a lot like previous titles with a Wii twist. You play through three boxing circuits each having more difficult opponents. They are Minor, Major, and World circuits. Every opponent has his strategy and they have plenty of variety. The game also includes a two player mode which is quite effective and fun. After you beat the game, though, it starts to get a little bland and repetitive but it is very challenging.


    All in all Punch-Out Wii is a great game for the wii and a must have for Punch-out enthusiasts. If you've never played a punch-out game before, I strongly recommend this one to pick up and play. You don't even have to be a boxing fan to like Punch-Out for the Wii.

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    I'd recommend the original Punchout before this one. The new Punchout is a very forgettable title and brings nothing new to the game other than some unresponsive controls and just one new character. Unless you like flailing about to get a punch or two in.. I'd keep it on the classic setting.

    I thought the game was a complete let down personally and wouldn't give it higher than a 5 or 6.

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    try without motion control

    As much as it seems like it's taking the whole point out of the Wii, this game is much better if you use it with just the controller (no nunchuck, and certainly not the balance board...both are cumbersome and a little wonky to use). It kinda dumbs the game down a bit, but at least you can land punches. This game is nothing extraordinary, but it's great for some mindless entertainment.

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    Just played this game 30min ago before writing this comment. I too wouldn't give it more than 5-6. Controls are strange and not what a wii boxing fan would expect. As mention you don't lean your body or swing to do an upper cut but simply press a different button and Little Jim,Jack whatever his name is will start hitting in the face. THATS IT! thats all you get. You want to do a nice knock out move you have to earn a star to do this. Personally I downloaded Punch Out to have something better, more fun, and much accurate controls than the crappy Wii Boxing, but this game only proves the default box is still the best out there. Oh yeah don't play with the nun chucks or you will get tired fast since it requires a lot hits. Just use it like a normal controller for best experience.


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