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Thread: Can't get rockband working.

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    Exclamation Can't get rockband working.


    I bought the instrument edition of rockband but I cant get it working. I downloaded a standalone rockband songpack 2.
    I softmodded my Wii version 3.4E.
    My homebrewchannel version is 1.01 IOS36 V4.18.
    Only when I start the game only the microphone is connected, the drums and guitar can't connect. How can I get this working


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    Read the whole thread before starting.

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    I did talk about this a few months back. Go to tutorials section up above and look for "so your rockband 2 instruments wont work". Search through that thread and look at my posts. My posts talk about needing to install softchip and other stuff. It works. Trust me. I have it installed on my wii and I use that to play all my rockband titles. I even installed a channel so i dont have to go through the HBC to start it. Just go and read my posts. if you need more help, PM me.


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