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Thread: Error 559

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    Error 559

    softmodded wii vers 4.0 latest rev 13b

    and most games give error 559 ..any ideas?

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    what type of media are you burn onto, which brand is it? and what speed are you burning what program for burning

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    cheers for helping

    TDK DVD+R 16x Printable Matt / 100 Pack Spindle

    i have been using these with no problems , yet the error message comes up on my mates wii.

    wot discs do you reccomend?

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    the conscences is that the -r are the way to go...
    from what i gathered on my search is a media error maybe the +r but could be a bad burn....
    and you mention you use these with no probs, but is it the same game on the same disc in his wii, or is it a diffrent burn on another disc his wii?

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    after the 559 error in his i put them in mine and both work fine.

    just re-burnt using nero and datawrtite minus r and they work on his..

    bloody nuisance , nearly feel like paying 40 pound a pop...

    MY ARSE...


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