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Thread: Homebrew and Wii Sports Resort Problem

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    Homebrew and Wii Sports Resort Problem

    Hi All. Im a noob and have only had the homebrew channel for a couple weeks and want to get sports resort but I heard it has to update the menu to 4.1 in order to play it and will remove any "unauthorised" software when it does. I currently have menu version 4.0. Is there any way to stop the update or can I cancel the update? Will I be able to play sports resort with menu 4.0?
    Thanks in advance

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    yeah man, read the answer to my post a few below yours

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    So once I install start patch it will stop the update to 4.1 and leave my system the way it is now?

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    did for me,..i ran that patch and sports resort started next time. no problems.


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