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Thread: Wii Game requesting update

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    Wii Game requesting update

    I'm using d2pro9 mod chip with HP DVD+R 16x DVD's burning @ 4x under Alcohol 120% scrubbing with WiiBrick Blocker 1.3R2 and I have little to no problems with this procedure. I did indeed run across "Mad World" the game which wouldn't work when scrubbed with brick blocker, so I skipped the brick blocker the second time and burned @ 2x and it didn't go black like the first time but asked to update. I'm still trying to decide if I want to risk it.

    Does anyone know if there's a way to get it restored if something was to happen?

    WUM Wii Update Manager
    This is a great site for people who like to find out what update Nintendo is trying to force to your wii.

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    Out of region update are a no no. If you have a PAL backup and your Wii is NTSC-U then don't update, you could brick. I all ways thought those with hardmod installed were suppost to update (with same region of course). I use softmod so I never update.

    I'm sure someone with hardmod experience will be along to help.

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