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    am having difficulties soft moddin my 4.0 i followed the instructions, i have homebrew and backup channel on my main. But i have nothing in the Homebrew channel at all, and everytime i try to play a backup i get the ERROR #002. The backup is Punch-out if that matters, i followed all of the instructions listed here
    Twilightless 4.0 WII hack Wii are open 4.0 business - Katz Forums

    and when i started homebrew, there was nothing in it so to speak, it was present in the main, along with backup loader. But when i try to play my backup i get the ERROR #002 blue screen requesting me to eject the disc and restart the wii. Just wondering how to fix this problem...Thanks

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    I got you big guy.

    This should do it.

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    how exactly, that is where it gets foggy, there is nothing in homebrew, so how do i go about and install??? thanks

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    On the root of your sd card you should have a folder called apps in there you should have folders with name of the apps and inside there a boot.dol file, For example the NeoGamma Backup launcher, The root of the SD Card ->apps->Neogamma Launcher->boot.dol


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