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Thread: Madworlds screen going black (drivekey)

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    Madworlds screen going black (drivekey)

    first off, im sorry for posting in the wrong section, but i can't find the right one, and theres allot of people here, and i need help fast!

    I downloaded madworld, and burned it to a disk using diskimg, when i try to run it, it just goes black! i don't know if its a PAL or an NTSC, can someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    also could anyone tell me what pal and ntsc means?

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    stop makeing mutliple threads about same thing.. i already told ya how to fix it!

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    Bronsir, do not post multiple threads asking the same questions. It will not make your answers come any faster. Post in the relevant section and always search before asking questions, there are dozens of Madworld goes black threads.
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