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Thread: help with backup launcher

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    help with backup launcher

    hi everybody, louout here.

    i was hoping that some one could help me. i have been trying to install backup launcher on my wii 4.1e. i have installed homebrew channel via my sd card without any problem and have been able to use all the apps ie the browser.

    the problem i have is installing the backup launcher. i have read about installing cios rev7or higher then dvdx (different guides say you need this or not), then lastly installing backup launcher.

    when trying to use backup launcher i get an error which when i looked into this i found it was about missing iso249. i have followed another guide which involved a wad and need ed to change cios down and to install extra isos (does this mean i have to add newer iso images to the sd card?

    can anybody help me please.

    ps i appreciate there are many guides on Wiihack but i am really missing something.

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    Hello, welcome to wiihacks. Please take some time to read the Rules & Regulations as well as the FAQ'S and Tutorials . Please use the SEARCH before posting repeat topics.

    If this forum has helped you hack your wii, remember you can give something back to keep this community alive by DONATING!!! . As always something is always appriciated, it will get you ability for priority support, a donator tag under your username to identify you as a donator, but donating does not give you immunity to forum rules.

    Not only do we have a terrific forum but you can always come join us on irc. Please read some of the RULES FOR iRC . Hope to see you there irc://

    Enjoy the forums,


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