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    wad loader

    I have a uk wii with the wiikey fitted version 3.3E, i have put the homebrew channel on it without the twilight hack now i need to put on a wad loader(Wad Installer 2.1) so i put a folder called apps on my sd card and inserted Wad Installer 2.1 in it and the file is named boot.elf.but when i run it via my homebrew channel it says invalid wii application????
    can any one help

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    I don't recognise this 'wad installer 2.1'.

    Most applications these days run through a file called boot.dol. Perhaps you've picked up an older file, which is not really surprising because this homebrew stuff is moving on very quickly.

    I did a little research and Wad installer 2.1 was released in April 2008 so is very much out of date.

    Look for Wad manager 1.4 which is newer and more compatible with more Wiis.

    And avoid old tutorials as they may not apply to your Wii.
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    Its okay mate i had a good scout around the net and found the problem got it now, yeah you where right i was trying to run an "elf" file instead of a doc file, managed to find a converter and everything works now
    thanks for the reply


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