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Thread: EWii Sports resort problems?

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    EWii Sports resort problems?

    Firstly using the alt.dol option.

    Can anyone clear this up for me please:-

    does the RJZT.dol file have to go into the apps/neogamma folder or does it have to go into a second folder called neogamma thats on the route of my sd card, as i have been reading different things...

    Secondly, what is the correct file name for .dol file that goes into the neogamma file as i have seen 3 or 4 different spellings of it.

    This is were i am upto at the mo - i get Wii sports resort disc to load using neogamma 4 with the .dol file in the neogamma folder in the apps folder, 002 fix on as well as alt.dol on, it starts the game then goes to the white wii informational white page which shows you how to strap the wiimote to your wrist (note this is not the wii motion 3 minute long video) then thats were it hangs it wont go past this page, hopefully i have made sense to who ever reads this, many thanks in advance as this is driving me mad

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    I don't use neogamma but in USB loader gx the default location for alternative dol was the root of the SD card.

    Once you've loaded the game with alternate dol it loads the video and resets afterwards. The next time take the setting for alternate dol to off and it loads.

    You must also put the boot.dol file in there for it to work.

    Here's the readme from the torrent I downloaded to get this working on mine.
    1. Create NeoGamma Folder in the root of SD card and WITH RZTP.dol in it.OR IN THE neogamma v6 folder in APPS folder.
    MAKE SURE THE boot.dol is also in there.
    2. Through homebrew load Neogamma R6. Set setting in Neogamma to:
    002 fix: ON
    Alternative dol: SD
    3. Launch Disc. Game will load from RZTP.dol from SD card. You will be shown I video on how to connect wii motion plus.
    The video will end and you will have to push A. The system will restart and your back to the main menu.
    4. NOW go back to NeoGamma and turn off Alternative Dol. And Launch Disc.
    these instructions are for PAL version & assuming that you have already neogammav6 in the apps folder on your SD card & Cios38 r13 installed.
    to install cIOS38 R13 put file in apps on SD card and run with internet connection on.
    Good luck
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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