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Thread: updating wiikey firmware

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    updating wiikey firmware

    Hi everyone.

    do i need to update the wiikey before i can play the other regional games?

    and if so, i just get the 1.3 or 1.9 firmware or do i just install 1.9? this is going to be my first time updating the wiikey firmware. so i just wanted so help

    when updating i just drop those file in the burning program and burn it. then pop it into the wii and let it do the job. how long does it take?

    thanks everyone, for the help

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    Which one am I suppose to burn as well? us? jap or pal?
    My wii is from the usa

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    wiikey update manual

    come in bro


    go to Resources :: :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip ,download the wiikey update

    unzip the files,then you will get a 4 files with the filenames:.pal.ntsc.ntscj etc..

    if you have a pal console so you will need the pal iso file.

    now you need to burn the file with nero,but!!!!,the file is not big for a dvd cd so nero will tell you that you cant burn,so now you need to make this steps:

    go to your wiikey update folder and run command line (cmd)

    now put this commands:

    filechop.exe wkupdate.1.9b.your console version (pal)(usa)(etc..).iso 1459978240

    now its will make a new file size on your computer and now you can burn the image file with nero a dvd cd good luck

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    You'll need the NTSC one if you have a USA Wii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fero View Post
    Hi everyone.

    and if so, i just get the 1.3 or 1.9 firmware or do i just install 1.9?
    1.3 is installation disc that you use to change your settings (drive speed, region free, etc.)

    1.9b is firmware disc that you use to flash your wiikey. remember to use the discs for your region


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