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Thread: Updated cIOS

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    Smile Updated cIOS


    Would you recommend me upgrading my cIOS from Rev9 to Rev13b. As thats the latest version on waninko blog.

    My Current Setup: 3.2E PAL, cIOS249 Rev9, USB LOADER GX, NEOGAMMA
    500GB HDD in FAT

    What are the benefits of Rev13b is it worth the trouble ?

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    Well my policy is if it ain't fixed don't break it.No thats not right,it's break it so you can fix it.If it's not broken don't fix it.

    If it works it works, Rev13b fixed a compatibilty issue i had with my usb drive and usb loader,and i know a few peeps used it to fix issuse with games on neogamma,I am not actually sure what else it does.

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    Everything that I have read says that 13a is recommended.. but I cannot seem to find the wad file for 13a.. can someone help with that? I tried 13b but you have to restart in between each for the game to start up.

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