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Thread: wii sports resort:motion plus

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    Smile wii sports resort:motion plus

    I have got my sports resort to play thru neogamma v6, now my question is do u need the motion plus to play the game as i cant get past the screen where it promts u to connect it to the controller, i havent had a chance to buy one as yet, but is there a way to bypass this somehow and use the standard controller? oh ye, ive got 3.4E, hombrew, cois38 rev 13. any help is much appreciated.

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    You need the adaptor to play I`m afraid...

    If your in the UK... Asda have them for 17 each..
    Also.. how did you get it working with Neogammav6 ? also how do you know you have cois38 rev 13 ?? I got the archive from the torrent ( that has a folder with cois38 in it ) not sure what to do with it... because when I run the game.. I get the `cannot read the disc` error.. as if it`s been burnt incorrectly or on crappy media .. I use Verbatim DVD-R.. burnt at 4x

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    If you install NeoGammer R3 it tells you what its loading the games under - it will say something like IOS249 V13 that means cIOS38 V13a

    I use only USB HDD and I cant get it to run from that - it simply returns me to the spring board.

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    You need to burn it at the slowest speed x1


    i got these instructions from a torrent file i downloaded

    1. Create NeoGamma Folder in the root of SD card and WITH RZTP.dol in it.OR IN THE neogamma v6 folder in APPS folder.
    MAKE SURE THE boot.dol is also in there.
    2. Through homebrew load Neogamma R6. Set setting in Neogamma to:
    002 fix: ON
    Alternative dol: SD
    3. Launch Disc. Game will load from RZTP.dol from SD card. You will be shown I video on how to connect wii motion plus.
    The video will end and you will have to push A. The system will restart and your back to the main menu.
    4. NOW go back to NeoGamma and turn off Alternative Dol. And Launch Disc.

    these instructions are for PAL version & assuming that you have already neogammav6 in the apps folder on your SD card & Cios38 r13 installed.

    to install cIOS38 R13 put file in apps on SD card and run with internet connection on.

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    The whole point of the game is to showcase the new WM+. Why would you want to play it without?

    I bought a used WM+ from GAME for 12 but they also sell theirs new for 17.

    Oh and just for infos, you don't need cIOS rev 13 to play.
    Just follow the instructions as Metred said.

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    thanks for reply guys, ye i thought u would need the WM+ but would of been nice to play the game as i had to install neogamma and cios rev 13 to get it going, was excited when it worked without the 002 blue screen then dissapointed when was asked to connect WM+, i tried it thru my HDD with no probs, and burnt the iso at 8x cos i couldnt wait, i been using tdk and lg disks with no probs. Stainy, do a search on a torrent site and u should find instructions on how to get it working on PAL console, its pretty much the same intructions as 'Metred' posted. cheers guys. im is AUS and the official release date is 25 july for sport resort, and i havent seen and WM+ for sale individully as yet, not that i have really looked! but will now as i want to play it.

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    They brought out WM+ to go along with a few games besides WSR and they've been out in Aus for ages.

    Quote Originally Posted by Some Australian Website
    Similar to the European and American releases, the Wii MotionPlus peripheral will be available as a standalone product from 11 June 2009 at a suggested retail price of AUD $29.95 / NZ $39.00. The peripheral will be compatible with Virtua Tennis 2009, Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 which are all scheduled to be released around the same period. Just over one month later, Wii Sports Resort will be released on 23 July 2009. The game will cost AUD $99.95 / NZ $129.00 and come bundled with Wii MotionPlus.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    I got it to work and it shows the M+ off very well

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    Just downloaded the NTSC Version of Wii Sports Resort and went to local wal-mart and bought the Motion what a nice little accessory...the game works great from our HD using USB GX.. I have really dumb do you un-install a game from the drive? I have never had to un-install a game from my system. We have th PAL version of Wii Sports Resort and i want to remove it now that we have the NTSC/US Version...thanks!

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    Use WBFS manager to delete.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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